Invitations made simple!

Easily invite to events and stay in touch with your guests. Free, privacy-first, and without the hassle of accounts.

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Inviting Your Friends Made Simple

Your Party is just a private link

Create your event, get a simple and short link you can send to your friends. It is as easy as it sounds!


Keep the overview

See who is coming and who isn't, get notifications, use comments to stay in control and in touch with your guests.
Everybody can subscribe to email updates if they choose to.

No account necessary

Group chats always get out of hand and not everyone uses the same big social network.
We can solve this for you! There is no sign up, no login, no hassle. Neither you nor your guests require a login.

You are invited!

Angelina Jolie
about 2 hours ago

This is going to be the best Party everrrr!!

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Making Invitations Fun

We are not a management tool, the party begins with us.
From reactions to gifs, express your excitements and have fun with your guests.

Before we forget: it's free!

There is no fine print and no ads.